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art. 1
The Classical Orchestra of Alessandria, in cooperation with the Municipality of Gavi, RTI-Mediaset and Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome, in memory of A.F. Lavagnino, has set up the 12th edition of the International Composition Contest “LAVAGNINO 2021”.

art. 2
Within the 21st edition of the International Festival A. F. Lavagnino “Music and Cinema”, the public evening of the contest will take place on November the 6th 2021 at 21 by the Auditorium of the recording studio Sonic Factory in Tortona, with the juries in streaming on site, for the final selection. The winners will be announced during the prizegiving performance on Novem- ber the 13th 2021 at ore 21, live or in streaming (according to the future rules against Covid-19), by the Teatro Civico in Gavi.

art. 3
Composers of any age and country can take part in the competition.

art. 4
The juries verdict is final with no appeal; members are:
Franco Piersanti (Composer, 3 David di Donatello, 2 Nastri d'argento, 5 Ciak d’Oro, 1 Globo d’oro, 2 Premi Ennio Morricone, Premio Nino Rota, Grolla d’Oro, Festival di Cannes)
Carlo Crivelli (Composer, Premio Nino Rota, Premio Cicognini, Premio Ennio Morricone, Premio Carlo Savina, Prix France musique, Premio Goffredo Petrassi)
Luigi Giachino (Composer Teacher at the “Nicolò Paganini” Conservatory in Genoa)
Paolo Paltrinieri (Artistic Director Fonoplay sas, Music Production & Publisher, past Musical Producer Direzione Musica RTI-Mediaset)
Andrea Morricone (Composer and orchestra Conductor, British Academy of Film and Television Arts, Globo d’oro, Premio Ennio Morricone, ZLI’N Film Festival, Montecarlo Film Festival, Premio Pianeta azzurro)
Federico Savina (Teacher of Sound at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome)
Paola Vanoni (Music Producer RTI spa - Gruppo Mediaset)
Paolo Manera (Director of Film Commission Torino Piemonte)
Giovanni Gioanola (Composer, Director of “Antonio Vivaldi” Conservatory in Alessandria)
Luciano Girardengo (Cellist - Artistic Director of the contest)

The jury can also indicate, with a special mention, other candidate plays of particular value.

art. 5
The competitors will have to send their entry by the registration form downloaded from the site attaching copy of entrance fee of € 70,00 (seventy euros) to credit on the bank account 19305 Banco BPM spa, Associazione Alexandria Classica (IBAN code: IT65N0503410404000000019305, BIC/SWIFT: BAPPIT22) within Friday 27th August 2021


art. 6
The competitors will have to send within Friday 29th October 2021, the file audio-video (*.mov, *.wmv, *.mp4), of the background music for a cinema sequence, chosen among three, which will be sent to composers by mail, from Monday 30th August 2021, to the address:
For further info:

art. 7
The works must be realized without instrument’s limits. Composers have to send: a file audio-video (art. 6) with the complete work, played with acoustic or virtual instruments, synchronised with the chosen cinema sequence full clear and legible score and staccatos.

art. 8
The winners will receive the following prizes:
Prize “LAVAGNINO 2021” consisting in:
- Plaque
- diploma
- Education grant of € 1.300,00
- Sending of a music showreel, made by the winner, to the Purchasing, Entertainment and Music Division of RTI/Mediaset, to evaluate possible collaborations.
- Free access at one Film Music CSC Lab (offered by Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia - Scuola Nazionale di Cinema in Rome)
2nd prize consisting in:
plaque, diploma and education grant of € 800,00.
3rd prize consisting in:
plaque, diploma and education grant of € 600,00.
4th prize and 5th prize consisting in:
plaque and diploma.
The winners will be then pointed out to Festivals and Production Agencies.

art. 9
The entry to the contest involves the unreserved acceptance of these regulations.

art. 10
For any dispute bear witness to the Italian text and the case would fall within the jurisdiction of Alessandria courts.

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